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We Make Great Ground.
Home of the GroundPro Arena Drag.

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At Arena Technologies, we make great ground. You demand it. You deserve it. We provide the tools and/or services to get it done.

 The company was founded by Randy Fenimore in 2001 with the intent to meet the ground and arena footing needs of multiple competitive horse disciplines. We started out small and have continually grown over the past several years with a focus on true quality work, customer service, professionalism, and in-depth industry expertise. As Arena Technologies has grown, so have the products and services we offer.

The business started with a focus on the SandPro machine, designed for renewing your existing arena surface materials. It's now the home of the GroundPro arena tool - engineered for unparalleled excellence to properly maintain your arena footing. Arena Technologies also provides proven, experienced ground consultation and professional ground services for your facility or event.

It is with Randy's extensive expertise and contacts in the sand and gravel business earned over the past thirty years, as well as his knowledge and background in the horse industry, that Arena Technologies has grown to become the one-stop source for all of your arena footing needs.

You make great horses. The GroundPro arena drag makes great ground. At Arena Technologies we believe your arena is the second most important detail of your performance horse operation - after your horses. With the proper footing provided by the GroundPro, your horse will experience the "cushion" that is necessary in every discipline to resist the impact of the hoof to the ground. Less impact to the horse's musculoskeletal system substantially decreases soreness and lameness, allowing you to continue to ride and compete throughout the year with fewer chances of injury.

Small or large, public or private, every horse facility needs to have proper footing. Arena Technologies has the tools and services to ensure you achieve proper footing at your facility. When you are ready for great ground, we make great ground.

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