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As many people know the price of quality sand is quite expensive. With the SandPro, Arena Technologies screens out any debris or large rocks that have surfaced or collected in your arena ground as well as washes the chemical toxins accumulated such as, horse and cattle excrement.

The SandPro at Ft. Klamath, Oregon
before the Mebane Ranch Festival

Your ground is no longer dusty fine dirt, large dirt clods, or filled with debris and rock. It is returned to the same sand that you originally bought without the hassle or cost of replacing your entire arena sand.

On top of that, the machine travels to your place where the process is done onsite. This production is done at a fraction of the cost of replacing your arena ground and in a matter of days. What more could you ask for?


The SandPro Process:
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Complete Arena Footing Restoration:

We supply all equipment and manpower. You supply a water source and discharge area.

  • Removed of existing footing material from your arena floor. This is done in several “lifts,” until the arena base is exposed.

  • Rework and reshape arena base to level or drainage grade.

  • Run the arena footing material through the SandPro machine to
    1. Remove oversize particles and debris.
    2. Wash out unwanted “very fine” contaminants.

  • After drying, return “cleaned” footing material to arena floor with laser accuracy to a consistent depth.

    This results in an arena with uniform, consistent, superior footing usually at a cost less than just buying the replacement sand.

Material Process Only:
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For customers that have the equipment and time:

  • We process your already removed material through the SandPro machine and leave cleaned material in a pile by your arena for your replacement.

    Restore your arena footing material at a cost much less than replacement sand alone -
    on your own time schedule.

SandPro Features:
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  • Elimination of rocks and oversized debris

  • Sets consistent base grade and drainage

  • Eliminates and washes out urine, manure, dirt, and other “very fine” contaminants

  • Replaced at uniform depth for consistent footing

  • “Cleaned” material needs less maintenance and stays “right” longer

  • Provides softer, positive footing for enhanced performance and greater safety

  • Creates a superior surface and is easier on horses joints and muscles

Does My Arena Need the SandPro Process?
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  • Has the ground become harder?

  • Is dust becoming a problem?

  • Is rain water drainage a problem?

  • Is my arena uneven or does it have soft spots?

  • Am I considering “new” sand?

  • Does my sand arena now look like a dirt arena?

    If you answered yes to any of the above questions the SandPro can help.


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